Club Partnerships


Supporting clubs to perform at their best

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We support clubs, private businesses, and professional academies to find the right solution for their project, drawing on our extensive experience to help build future success.


Club Partnerships

We help your organization perform at the best level they can within the boundaries and constraints imposed by the local environment. We aim to generate positive momentum and build a progressive framework that improves performance and meet the needs of the players.

Goals & Objectives

Regardless of age, and ability the main aim for most players is to learn the skills required to take part in 11v11 football. We support clubs to implement structures that enable players to develop to their best of their ability with that eventual goal in mind.

How can we support?

DS Sports offer a full range of services to clubs, private businesses, professional academies, and educational institutions. Depending on the type of club and scope of project the services offer will vary, however typical examples include:

      Club-wide development strategies
      Coaching philosophy and game model development
      Project management, planning and implementation
      Standardizing delivery structures and content
      Developing management and business systems
      Building player and coach development frameworks
      Curriculum development services
      Individual player development plans
      International partnerships and development
      Coach education, ongoing mentoring, themed workshops

"If you’re in the penalty area and don’t know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we’ll discuss the options later."

Bob Paisley